Greater Victoria Communities

Surrounding the City of Victoria are 12 municipalities. Each community offers a unique island flavour and an overabundance of super natural seascapes and landscapes. They are Victoria, Colwood, Esquimalt, Highlands, Langford, Metchosin, Oak Bay, Saanich, Central Saanich, North Saanich, Sidney, and View Royal. 

 Victoria British Columbia

This city is known around the world as the City of Gardens. Victoria is situated on the Southern tip of Vancouver Island, surrounded by Juan de Fuca and Georgia Straits. Victoria was established in 1843 as a Hudson Bay Fort and in 1866 it was given the honour of being chosen as the Capital City of British Columbia. Daily transportation services to Vancouver Island and Victoria are provided by BC Ferries, USA Ferries and the Victoria International Airport. The city is world renowned for its tea rooms, double Decker buses, beautiful lush gardens, small specialty shops, local attractions and theatres. Victoria offers a rich mix of comfortable accommodations from B&B’s to grand hotels. The ongoing preservation of historic buildings and modern architecture creates a unique blend of downtown businesses and residential communities. There are year round outdoor activities with entertaining street buskers, visual artists, artisans and singers in the Inner Harbour. Annual Yacht Races, Dragon Boat Racing, Bastion Bike Races, summer Street Markets and Music Festivals are strongly supported by tourist and island residents.

Colwood British Columbia

Located to the west of the City of Victoria, Colwood offers a wide range of attractions and activities for all ages. You can play a round of golf in the morning and in the afternoon go fishing. The Royal Colwood Golf Club was designed in 1913 and is open year-round. The Colwood is a traditional style parklands championship course set among 450 year old Douglas Fir and Majestic Garry Oak. Royal Oak received its Royal distinction from King George V in 1931. Hatley Castle and Fisgard Lighthouse are historical landmarks enjoyed by local and visitors alike. Colwood is a family oriented sustainable community and it is one of the fastest growing communities in British Columbia.

Esquimalt British Columbia

This community is home of Canada's Pacific Naval Fleet. The natural harbour was used by ships of the Royal Canadian Navy as early as 1837 and the Naval Base was transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy in 1910. Today approximately 17,000 people live on this island community. Esquimalt is situated on 72 acres that include: scenic parkland, waterfront walkways and beaches. There are recreational facilities, modern schools, a suburb golf course, modern library and shopping. Esquimalt has a healthy mix of commercial, residential and industrial development. Open space is preserved and maintained through a great network of parks and beaches. 

Langford British Columbia

Located in the Western Communities the District of Langford is a young growing community that offers affordable housing and a wide range of services and amenities. Langford is within easy access to the Greater Victoria metropolitan area. Residents enjoy pristine parks, crystal-clear lakes, and a wealth of recreational activities.

Metchosin British Columbia

This area is a picturesque rural community with large tracts of rich farmland. Outdoor activities such as horseback riding, nature trails, parks, a golf course, beachcombing, bird-watching, fishing and a variety of small lakes are very popular attractions here in Metchosin. Typical of a rural environment many small farms are connected by wonderful winding country roads. Some farms offer organic produce for sale. In the summertime The Farmer’s Market offers local fruit and vegetables, homemade breads, jams and pickles, and “free range” eggs. Tourists always enjoy meeting local artists and artisans when they exhibit their artwork in the outdoor marketplace. Pearson College of the Pacific is situated in Metchosin. 

Oak Bay British Columbia

English charm is found in the picturesque streets of Oak Bay village and in the shops where you can enjoy a cup of tea or a pint of draught ale. Beautiful manicured gardens and natural sandy beaches offer year round enjoyment for everyone. Visitors from around the world marvel when they drive along the waterfront in Oak Bay and Willows Beach where well-maintained homes grace the ever changing shoreline. The walks are delightful along the sunny ocean boulevard. If you look closely you will catch a glimpse of sea otters as they frolic and dive for fish. You can stop and rest in the shade of heritage trees that provide a green canopy of shade over the streets and seaside parks.

Saanich British Columbia

The first colonial settlers embarked on the arduous task of transforming the virgin forests of the Saanich Peninsula into productive farmland. The farms and dairy herds of Saanich soon became a vital source of food for Victoria's expanding population and by the turn-of-the-century the district was renowned for the cultivation of many varieties of fruit and flowers. While in Saanich a visit to the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific is indeed worthwhile. Take a walking tour and enjoy the lush provincial parks, public beaches and picturesque waterfalls at Beaver Lake and Swan Lake. Also, drive or walk to the top of Mt. Douglas for a wonderful panoramic view of The City of Victoria. Saanich is a major residential area in the Capital Regional District and maintains an important agricultural base on Vancouver Island.

Central Saanich British Columbia

The area offers a rich agricultural heritage. Although residents take pride in being primarily a rural community Central Saanich has one of the largest light industrial zones in the Capital Regional District with easy access to transportation facilities. Neighbourhood commercial centres are located in Brentwood Bay and Saanichton. Central Saanich enjoys the benefits of being located close to the city of Victoria while at the same time the area maintains a low crime rate and a high quality of life that is expected here in this rural community.

North Saanich British Columbia

An island community that is a highly desirable rural-residential area. Long coastlines on three sides offer local homes an unexcelled view of the ocean, distant islands and mountains. North Saanich has a rolling interior with picturesque views of hills and valleys. Here there is a generous feeling of open space attuned with Nature. These features along with reliable air, land, and sea transportation to major urban centres make North Saanich one of the most appealing rural-residential areas in all of Canada.

Sidney British Columbia

Also known as Sidney-by-the-Sea. Located in North Saanich just minutes away from BC Ferries, Anacortes Ferry and Victoria International Airport. This scenic coastal community offers romantic seaside walks with ever changing ocean views. Local attractions include: whale watching, museums, marine centre and year round community activities such as market days. Sidney's unique main and side streets offer a variety of restaurants, pubs and small owner operated shops. A variety of marinas provide safe moorage and easy access to marine services. The Galloping Goose Trail winds it way through Sidney and continues along to Victoria and Sooke. The waters off Sidney’s shores are a favourite for scuba divers from around the world to explore including the two artificial ship reefs and surrounding marine life.

The Highlands British Columbia

Located just outside of the downtown area of Victoria this community provides a quiet rural setting. Small hobby farms and large residential acreage co-exist here in The Highlands and maintain a healthy balance with nature. There are beautiful scenic parks with extensive walking and hiking trails. The unique species of floral and fauna, migrating birds and wild life typical to the area provide rich subject matter for many great photographs.

View Royal British Columbia

Here local residences live and work in a lovely community build around a tranquil bay. The town of View Royal lies at the doorstep of Greater Victoria's urban core and adjacent to the growing municipalities of Esquimalt and Saanich. In the small commercial area there are full amenities including: a restaurant, community services and accommodations including a motel and B&B’s.


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